Giving to Preserve the Faith

Trinity Missions serves parishes and missions in areas and among people who are spiritually neglected and abandoned, working with many of the most vulnerable in our world. Your ongoing support ensures that our Catholic congregation of priests and Brothers who work in 37 missions located in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Haiti and Columbia can continue to preserve the faith in the future.

In addition to current support, there are a number of ways to give that will also provide benefits for you, your loved ones and Trinity Missions. Certain giving plans you will read about on the following pages offer tax benefits, supplemental income in retirement and many other advantages.

With careful planning, your gift can meet your philanthropic goals and help sustain Trinity Missions’ vital impact on those we serve for current and future generations. If we can assist you with the gift planning process, please contact our Planned Giving Department at or toll-free at (800) 843-1034.